R/C Information

There are two types of R/C radio systems in use for model yachting: the older 75MHz, and the newer 2.4GHz. An excellent article, Learn The Basics of Spread Spectrum R/C, in the June 24, 2015 edition of Makezine gives a good overview of R/C and an unbiased comparison of both systems.

If you already own a 75MHz transmitter, or decide to purchase one after reading the article mentioned above and talking to club members, you will need to have a channel assigned to you by the club secretary. The chart below shows unassigned (green backgrounds) and assigned channels; however, due to delays between channels being assigned and the updating of this chart, it is recommended that you have a channel assigned to you by the club secretary before purchasing your transmitter.

HLMYC R/C 75MHz Channel Assignment Chart

 Frequency (MHz)  Channel  Assigned User  Frequency (MHz)  Channel  Assigned User 
75.41061Tom Q 75.71076Mark W
75.43062Bill Mc 75.73077
75.47064Bill S 75.77079
75.4906575.79080Rich R
75.5106675.81081Geri P
75.53067James H 75.83082
75.55068Greg L 75.85083
75.5907075.89085Chris C
75.63072Terry B 75.93087